RL30 trigger product number 1A019

Kew style trigger product number 1B010

Industrial accessories

High pressure jets from 03-08

Product number 4E001 (plus nozzle size)

Domestic accessories

20M High pressure twin wire hose product number 18A020

01235 530464

Click&Clean Multi Angel Adaptor
For hard to reach areas. The tube can stepwise be angled to 90 degrees.
Item no. 6411138​ ​

​Garden Brush
Cone shaped rotating brush for cleaning garden furniture, wooden fences, etc.
Gets into all nooks and corners.
Item no. 106411325 ​

Patio plus

The optimum solution for cleaning flag stones, walls, fences and other large surfaces.
Item no. 126411376

​​Roof Cleaner

For quick and easy roof cleaning. A combined solution with the telescopic Roof Cleaner handle and the Roof Cleaner detergent.
Item no. 128470040

​Water Sand Blasting Set
For effective removal of rust, paint, etc., on hard surfaces. 

Red colour code: Item no. 6410758
Green colour code: Item no. 6410891

​Drain and Tube Cleaner - 15 m
For easy cleaning of blocked drains, pipes or rain gutters.

Item no. 6410766

​Water Suction Kit
For easy emptying of ponds, drying up patios or other places, where water has difficulties getting into the drain system.
Item no. 126411387 ​

Wall Bracket
Leave the high pressure washer hanging on the wall, while cleaning. Practical in use and as storage.
Item no. 106411386​ ​ 

900MM lance product number 2A003

1200MM lance product number 2A004

Advantage of the cone shaped brush for cleaning inaccesible areas
Efficient and gentle cleaning
Ideal for cleaning large surfaces, like green houses, windows and vehicles
Variable application of detergent ​ ​ ​
Multi Brush 3-in-1 kit Order number: 128470459 

Complete quick release coupling set product number 10A001

Turbo nozzles from 03 - 08 

Product number 4D00 (plus nozzle size)

10M High pressure twin wire hose product number 18A010

Whirlaway flat surface cleaner 

16" product number 12B008

18" product number 12B009

3.6Mtr Telescopic lance product number 12B016

5.4Mtr Telescopic lance product number 12B013

7.3Mtr Telescopic lance product number 12B017