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SCRUBTEC 343.2Product no 41600520.

This upgraded SCRUBTEC 343.2 has improved operator comfort with a new squeegee lifting system operated by a convenient foot pedal. The machine delivers higher pressure and increased suction leading to cleaner floors and higher productivity. The new no-tool deck adjustment provides better traction and performance. The polypropylene deck is more shock resistant resulting in less service costs and further reliability. The cable-less design and updated brush and vacuum motor cover protects electrical components, reducing maintenance. SCRUBTEC 343.2 is a scrubber dryer for light to medium floor cleaning tasks in garages,showrooms, small warehouses, factories and the food industry. The SCRUBTEC 343.2 offers the functionality and capabilities of a larger machine but remains easy to use and highly manoeuvrable. It offers high pressure and great suction resulting cleaner floors. It enables you to clean quickly and efficiently due to its compact design, even in hard to reach places. SCRUBTEC 343.2 is available as a combi-model with On-Board Charger, battery and brush included; a battery version with On-Board Charger, and a cable version including brush. It is equipped with a 31 litre solution tank.

Robust design with less risk of damage, saves service costs.
New easy to use, ecofriendly electronic water flow control.
Double scrubbing without wasting water reduces the total cost of ownership and helps the environment.
No tool deck adjustment makes it simple to customise brush pressure and traction dependent on the conditions.
Quick and easy to check the water level through the transparent hose.
Squeegee lifts with convenient foot pedal.

Scrubtec 233 uk Product no 9087236020

Small mains powered, 230 volt walk-behind scrubber dryer with a 2 tank system, very easy to operate and transport, perfect for small areas. Cleans both forwards and backwards.

Compact machine with foldable and adjustable handle makes it very easy to transport. With additional accessories this multipurpose machine can also be used as a carpet extractor.

Clear lid on recovery tank makes it easy to see the cleaning result.
Compact design with large wheels for easy transport and storage.
Two tank solution & recovery design.
Cleaning agent added with precise dosing pump.
Quick connection for accessories.
The machine is equipped with two disc brushes/ pads giving 18 kg of down pressure.
Dual squeegees means the machine cleans forwards or backward.
Ergonomic height adjustable and foldable handle.

SCRUBTEC 6 Product no 9087186020

This range of machines offers a choice of scrubbing widths. Apart from the interchangeable brush deck, other features include an exceptionally low noise level, adjustable scrubbing pressure and dashboard that is designed to reduce typical operator errors.

Suitable for easy, efficient floor cleaning in hospitals, retail outlets, manufacturing plants, car dealers, garages, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, and other locations where it is important that floors are kept clean.

653BL & 661BL and their combi versions qualify for up to 28% government Cashback under the new ECA Water Technology Product List. For more information visit the news section on nilfisk-alto.co.uk
Interchangeable brush decks with 2 disc sizes (53 and 61 cm) or 51 cm cylindrical
55 litres solution and recovery tanks
Large access to recovery tank speeds up cleaning time
Adjustable scrubbing pressure provides the best results under all conditions